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We offer complete tire services. Whether it is for a car, truck, van or light truck, we have tires for you. We carry tires in various price ranges in order to fit your budget. As a Cooper Tire Dealer, we only stock the highest quality tires. We have the largest inventory in the area, with over 4,000 tires in stock, so we can get you up and rolling in no time. We also carry a limited stock of Goodyear RSA, Wrangler, and Integrity Tires, as well as the economical lines GT-Radial and Westlake/Trazano – call for your out-the-door price. If we don’t have it in stock, we can have your tires next-day in most cases. We have the ability to mount and balance tires up to 24″ using state of the art technology. When used in conjunction with the HUNTER GSP9700 ROAD FORCE MEASURMENT SYSTEM, The TC3500 Tire Changer quickly and easily helps eliminate vibration problems that balancers can’t fix.

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